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Sub Domain Delegation using Bind

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When you are administrating the Bind you may come across to host a sub domain delegated to another DNS server from a different provider.These requests are usually from the Web Hosting Provider which helps them to modify the required records on their own using their Name Server.

In this scenario   open the zone file in for eg:- and add the following lines ( Adding Sub domain “”)

;Sub Doman delegation for the domain


@     NS (Other DNS Severs  , you could add multiple lines of DNS servers)





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How to force the DNS Propogation by changing the TTL Values


I am writing this tip for DNS Administrators who wants to speed up porpogation changes by playing with TTL (Time to live) values For Eg:-

Assuming that you are changing the IP Address of by default the Bind (Linux based DNS Server) the TTL Value is set for 7200 which is 2 hours as a global parameter.which will control the expiry time / refressh interval for your DNS records in other DNS servers cache .

Therefore if you want to change the TTL value only for the as 5 minutes you could edit the ZONE file as follows

www 300 A it with your Actual IP Address)

(here 300 denotes 5 Minutes )and restart the named services.

Same concept is applicable for the Windows based DNS Servers as well//

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