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How to Tunnel via SSH using Putty

In your daily administration tasks you will come across a need to access the server in the LAN for Eg:-  via Remote Desktop ( which are configured with Private IP Addresses) ,Assume that you have a SSH enabled box ( eg:- UTM , SSH Server ,etc) with Public IP Assigned

What you need to do is

* Open Putty Client ( you can download it via

* enter the IP address of the  SSH Enabled box (In my eg:- it is


* Clcik on SSH –>Tunnels -> add the details
– Source Port — 3390 some fake port
– Destination —  The Private IP of the Server where you want to make the Remote Desktop and the Remote Desktop Port

* Click on Add


* With the above configuration login to the SSH serve with the credentials.

* Finally Open a Remote Desktop Client


NOTE 1 :-  The same can  be adapted for any ports eg:- FTP , Web , etc

NOTE 2 :-  When you want to Remote Desktop using a Windows 7  or later machines do not use the Source port 3390 , For eg:-  you could use the 3391


Good Lcuk !

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Cool Tool- SYDI

I recently tested this cool opensource tool which can be used for documenting you entire LAN called SYDI

Less complicated single command to gather vast amount of details

Including Windows & Linux based servers

Check out the cool tool

URL : –

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