How to force the DNS Propogation by changing the TTL Values

January 19, 2013 at 2:04 pm Leave a comment


I am writing this tip for DNS Administrators who wants to speed up porpogation changes by playing with TTL (Time to live) values For Eg:-

Assuming that you are changing the IP Address of by default the Bind (Linux based DNS Server) the TTL Value is set for 7200 which is 2 hours as a global parameter.which will control the expiry time / refressh interval for your DNS records in other DNS servers cache .

Therefore if you want to change the TTL value only for the as 5 minutes you could edit the ZONE file as follows

www 300 A it with your Actual IP Address)

(here 300 denotes 5 Minutes )and restart the named services.

Same concept is applicable for the Windows based DNS Servers as well//


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