How to troubleshoot DNS Issues with Wireshark

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Hi Folks

Until recently I was a big fan Microsoft Message Analyzer. Unfortunately , Microsoft deprecated the product.So I decided to switch to Wireshark. I will not be going through the basic operations of wireshark as there are plenty of good video tutorials on the Internet.

In this article , I will focus on how to capture DNS packets on a BIND server and filter the packets for known queries and the response codes.

Step1: Start the capture on the BIND server

Step2: After running sample queries , Press CTRL & C to end the capture and transfer the .pcap file to the wireshark.

Once you open the .pcap file in the Wireshark , you can use the below filters to display the required data.

** To filter based on the queried domain name ** == “”

** To filter MX queries **
dns.qry.type == 15

** To filter SERVFAIL response **
dns.flags.rcode == 2

You could use ! to exclude a filter in the search for example to exclude dns.qry.type == 15
!dns.qry.type == 15

For detailed list of DNS Response Codes & other DNS parameters refer the below URL’s.

Good Luck.


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