Who am I


Welcome to my personal blog , hope it will be useful  for all the visitors.

I am from Srilanka , and moved  to Saudi Arabia in 2007 to be employed in one of the leading service provider in the industry.My job roles as the Senior Systems Engineer   involves , consultancy ,design and implementation of IT Infrastructure Solutions.

I  use this blog to share my experiences on the IT technologies that I use it in my work. On the other hand it helps to me to use it as a reference when needed . whereas I don’t need to remember everything. Apart from that I believe I am able to share some useful knowledge and tips that could help my blog visitors in their life.

Please  do not hesitate to contact me to share your thoughts on my blog posts . I am also keen to  provide  consultation related to  my specializations mentioned as below;

  •  Active Directory and Exchange Solution
  •  Log monitoring and Analysis
  •  IPS, IDS
  •  Linux  based Solutions
  •  Network  Management and Security
  •  Storage
  •  Virtualization , HCI , Dockers & Containers
  •  Backup and Disaster Recovery

The comments or any posts left on this sites is solely personal , nothing represent my employer or my customers.



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