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How to identify the LUN id from Windows with MPIO installed


Recently as part of the migration process we need to remove the EMC Powerpath and Windows MPIO and customer was requesting a way to identify the LUN id via

The easiest way to do this is

Download the EMC “inq” tool and place it on the server

and run the tool as follows
– inq or you could add the switch as -clariion

This will list all the LUN for better readability I would suggest to run the command as follows

c:\inq -clariion > vol.text –> This will send the output of this command to the text file)

Open it you will see a column “CLUN” and this is the corresponding LUN id for your disk.

Good Luck.


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The storage processor in the targeted storage system have inconsistent settings.

Dear Folks

When you are initializing a VNX storage   via Storage Initialization Tool  you may face the below error whereas you will not be able to set an IP addresses for the storage processors.

error error_1

In order to solve this you must connect SPA and SPB management ports to the Ethernet Switch   and  begin the initialization process.

If the above step did not solve your issue ,there was another recommendation from the EMC forums advising that to use a CAT 6 cable and make the NIC setting for duplex as AUTO.

Good Luck.

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How to create a LUN to be shared by two hosts – EMC VNX 5100


In some scenarios you amy need to create a LUN which need to be accessed by two hosts( For Cluster ,etc)
keep in mind if there is no cluster aware applications you may damage the data on the shared LUN.

So the easied way to do this is

Create 2 Storage Groups as below

Stoarge Group 1 – Server 1 , LUN A

Storage Group 2 – Server 2 , LUN A

Even though I made this on EMC VNX 5100 the same thing is applicable on all the other storage devices


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