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Veeam Backup Repository Sizing

Folks who wants to size the Backup Repository for their Veeam Deployment , could make use of the online sizing tool below for their calculations.

It is very user friendly and output is much descriptive.


Good Luck.




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How to expire Veeam Backup Jobs

When using Veeam B&R  , if you had to face a situation where you need to expire the old backups to free up some disk space you need to follow slightly a different approach. As mostly in other cases (especially VERITAS) you could simply change the retention period to a lower value and need to  restart the services , you could notice the backup files have been disappeared. In Veeam you need to go through the below steps.

  • Remove the backup files manually (recommended to clear the files created by the last incremental jobs  until you reach to the last full backup).
  • Reduce the backup pointer to a lower value in your backup job.
  • Then you need to start the jobs manually or wait for the next schedule.

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VCSA6.7 and Veeam B&R Issues

Recently we were upgrading our ESXi Infrastructure from ESXi 6.0 to 6.7.During this process we kicked off the migration process with our VCenter Server 6.0 with the intention to move it to a VCSA 6.7  .  Everything went well . But on the following day we started receiving Backup job failure alerts from Veeam  Server.

After few google searches we came to know that the Veeam B&R need to be upgraded with U3 to be fully be compatible with Photon based VCSA 6.7 .

Good Luck with your VSphere Upgrades.

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