How to move the database and transaction log files on Exchange 2010 DAG servers

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Hi Folks

In case if you want move the transaction logs and the exchange database to a new location on the disk , you have to follow certain guidelines to avoid exchange nightmare.

But I would like to recommend you do this before you establish the DAG ,

In-case if you have forgotten to do this before establishing the DAG you should do the below steps on the exchange servers that are part of the DAG in the mentioned order

– Disable the Circular logging ( In-case if it was enabled before)

– Then you need to remove the database copies  on each database per each each server

Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DB1\MBX1 -Confirm:$False (This Eg:- will remove the copy of the database DB1 on the MBX1 server)

– Create the necessary folder on the new location

– Move the Mailbox databases as below

* Open Exchange Management Console

* Navigate to Organization Configuration -> Mailbox -> Database Management -> Select the Mailbox Database

* Right click on it select “Move Database Path” and enter the new locations

– On each DAG member server you will find the passive copy of the database for the other member servers,normally stored on the original location where the Active Mailbox is

stored ,You need to move these files to the new location , Keep in mind when you are moving the Passive Copies of the database it should be stored on the same drive letter where

the Active Mailbox database is stored on the active member.

Eg:- Server1 host the mailbox DB1 on C:\DB Folder , hence you need to maintain the same drive letter on the remote server(Server2) where it will host the passive copy for the DB1

Do the same on all the DAG members

– Now add the Mailbox database copies for all the servers.

Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DB1 -MailboxServer Server2 -ActivationPreference 2

– On each server where the mailbox was moved run the below commands Net stop msftesql-Exchange Net start MSExchangeSearch

Tip:- I came across an issue where when I changed the drive letter on the server where it holds the mailbox , the database dismounted,therefore if you face the same issue use the

Move-Database command with the -ConfigurationOnly Parameter.


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