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How to Configure VSphere Update Manager 6.0

This article provide a detailed screencast for installing the latest Vsphere Update Manager on ESXi6 , the new version comes with it’s own embedded Microsoft SQL 2012  Express.(As the VCenter uses the built-in Postgres Database)

For those who deploy the Vsphere Update Manager in a controlled environment with no internet access can make use of Update Manger Download Service(UMDS) component which can be installed on the internet facing machine and the Update Manager Server can collect the update from UMDS

You could download the latest package via your VMware account and mount it on a Windows Operating System(Please avoid installing on a Domain Controller)

NOTE: You must install the prerequisite of .Net 3.5 Framework SP1 prior installing the package.

update_manager_1 update_manager_2 update_manager_3 update_manager_4 update_manager_5 update_manager_6 update_manager_7 update_manager_8 update_manager_9 update_manager_10 update_manager_11 update_manager_12 update_manager_13 update_manager_14 update_manager_15

Finally once installed log in to Vsphere Web Client and enable the Vsphere Update Manager Web Client-Plugin via Administration –> Solutions–>Client-Plugiuns(incase the Web Client Plugin is not visible click on “Check for New Plug-ins)




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Error in Active Directory Operations when Joining ESXi 6 to Active Directory


Recently when I was testing the ESXi 6 on my LAB running on VMware Workstation 11 I faced a nightmare when I tried to join the ESXi to the Active Directory.

As I started troubleshooting I re-assured all the prerequisites are met (such as NTP, DNS resolution) but the problem was haunting me.

As per the VMware guidelines when I tried to restart the lwsmd service via Tech Support Mode it was throwing the below errors

– lwsmd is not fully started

– likewise service manager [failed to set memory reservation] esxi

Then it clicked on me that may be this behaviour could be due to insufficient memory and after increasing the memory voila everything turned out to be working normally.

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ESXi 5.5 Update Manager hangs at 33%

Dear Folks

Recently I have been deploying an ESXi Cluster based on 5.5 ,when we configured the Update Manager and tried to scan the Hosts the process hangs at 33%.

We solved this issue by adding the “Vsphere Update Manager” on the Security Profile.

> Login to Vsphere Client

> Select the ESXi Host and Click on Configuration

> Select Security Profile

> Select the Firewall and click on Properties

> Click on Vsphere Update Manager to make it selected.

Press OK.


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