How to migrate the Hyper-V CSV’s to a new Storage

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Dear Folks

Recently we sold a VNX 5300 storage to our customer and his intention was to migrate the data from his old EMC AX4 5i Storage.

We proposed him the SAN based migration option but customer was resisting and we have to do it on the Windows level.

The Environment

2 Node Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V Cluster CSV enabled.
Ax4 5i Storage
EMC Powerpath Free Edition installed on both hosts.

Steps Performed.

– Initialized the new storage
– Configured the new LUN’s
– Connected a new HBA’ (Because the server was having only single free PCIE slot)
– Assigned the LUN’s to both the server.
– Logged in to one of the server ( which was the current owner for the CSV)
– Added the LUN as disk via Storage from Failover Cluster Manager)
– Added as CSV (via Cluster Shared Volume from Failover Cluster Manager)
– Exported the Virtual Machine to the new location on the C:\ClusterVolume(Can be any name as per your environment)\NewFolder –>Which will point it to the new disk)
– Deleted the VM from the Hyper-V Manager
– Imported VM again from the new location via the Hyper-V Manager.(Do not change any options from the Import Wizard)
– Finally Changed the Quorrum drive to the new LUN on the Storage via Change Cluster Quorrum Settings from the Failover Cluster Manager)
– Removed the Old Storage
– Fixed the Additional HBA
– Removed EMC Powerpath
– Enabled MPIO

Voila everything went smooth as ice.

Hope this article is useful and incase if you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


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