Sendmail STARTTLS: read error=generic SSL error

September 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm Leave a comment

I was having an issue with my sendmail server where I receives this error which will cause the sendmails logs grow drastically and fill the /var partition.

further it will stop the mail flow ( when /var partition is full)

So i wrote this bash script which does the following;

– look for this error in the maillog

– when it finds it will kill the sendmail process which is causing the  sendmail to log multiple     entries in the logfile and will restart the sendmail and syslog daemons.

anybody is welcome to give their comment on improvements or any drawbacks on this script good luck…….

LAST=’last message’
SSL=”STARTTLS: read error=generic SSL error (0)”

cp /var/log/maillog /home/muralee/log_check/maillog
grep “STARTTLS: read error=generic SSL error (0)”   /home/muralee/log_check/maillog |awk ‘/sendmail/ {print $5}’ | tr -d [digit:]”sendmail[]” > records.txt
#grep “STARTTLS: read error=generic SSL error (0)”   /home/muralee/maillog.1 |awk ‘/sendmail/ {print $5}’ | tr -d [digit:]”sendmail[]” > records.txt
results=$(wc -l records.txt | awk ‘/records/ {print $1}’)
if [[ $results -eq 0 ]];then
echo “Sendmail is Fine”
if [[ $results -ne 0 ]]; then
pkill sendmail
/etc/init.d/sendmail restart
/etc/init.d/syslog restart
echo “Problem resolved”
cat /dev/null > records.txt


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