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How to delete the Exchange Server transaction logs

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When your are performing a backup which is not Exchange Aware or for some reason the job fails , you will fall in to situation where the exchange transaction logs will not be cleared automatically and end up in eating your disk space.

I have listed the steps where you could identify the logs that have been committed already and delete them manually.

– Open Powershell
– Browse it to the exchange installation directory (x:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin\)
– Then run the command “eseutil /mk “C:\MDBDATA\MDB01\E00.chk”
Output of the above command will be similar to – Checkpoint: (0x4B1D,FFFF,FFFF)
– Remember the value “0x4B1D”
Go to the Exchange Transactions log folder and arrange the files on the “Modified Time”

– Then look in to the folder for the file with the value “0x4B1D” and delete the files above them.

NOTE:- Since the log files are deleted immediately you must take a full backup for the safety of the exchange environment.

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