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How to download ISO/Disk Images from Nutanix Image Service.

Hi Folks

Unlike VCenter , there is no straightforward method to download the ISO’s or Disk Images you have uploaded to the Image Service.(In VCenter , you could perform both upload / download files from the datastore).

In Nutanix AHV , you need to run the below commands to achieve the same results.(As per Nutanix , this need to be done , under Nutanix Support only).

#Login to any of the CVM.
# nuclei image.list —-> This will list all the images with the UUID
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######
Name UUID State
MyISO yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy COMPLETE
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######

# nuclei image.get yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy –> Get the Cluster UUID.
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######
– kind: cluster
uuid: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######

# ncli multicluster get-cluster-state | grep -C5 <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> –> This will get the cluster name:
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######
Cluster Id : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cluster Name : MYCLUSTER
Is Multicluster : false
Controller VM IP Addre… : [x.x.x.x. …………………………………….]
External or Masqueradi… : y.y.y.y (Cluster IP)
###### EXAMPLE OUTPUT ######

NOTE : The above commands are used , when you are managing multiple cluster via PC , and you need to locate the image and in which cluster the image is stored.

Thereafter , run the below command from your workstation (You must have curl installed , and the command must be run from the bin folder , where the curl is installed)

curl-7.68.0-win64-mingw\bin>curl –user “Prism Username”:Password” –insecure https://y.y.y.y.:9440/api/nutanix/v3/images/ac799
d52-60e3-448f-a0f9-d4de756b0d01/file –output SQL.iso

NOTE: Replace “Prism Username”:Password” with the actual username & password use to access the Prism Cluster with out any quotes.

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Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued” error in the Windows event log

Environment: VSphere ESXi 6.7 on HP DL 380 (Single Server)

Problem: The VM’s getting hanged / frozen. Cannot Login to Windows nor issue any Power off commands. During the investigation , we found out that the VM’s were recording Event ID 129 with the Warning message “Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued” , just before the VM becoming unresponsive.

We were referring the VMware KB , and confirmed the LSI_SAS driver is updated to the latest version. But , luckily in our case , this deployment was a temporary one as we are planning to move this VM’s to a stable VSphere Cluster running on Nutanix. After few days ,moving the VM’s to the Nutanix environment , we noticed that the VM’s were functioning well with out any issues.

So for those who are having a similar issue , you need to check the underlying storage structure . As it could cause similar issues like this.

NOTE: During this unresponsive state , you could notice the Disk Latency stays at more than 20. This definitely a problem for a VM’s responsiveness.

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Latency between the Nutanix CVM’s

Recently we noticed the Prism was throwing an error stating that there is latency between CVM’s . To investigate the issue we raised a support call with the Nutanix Team. I am sharing the procedures followed by the Nutanix Team  as it may help somebody who are facing a similar issue.

# Login to Controller VM

# cd ~nutanix/data/logs/sysstats (This location will contain the ping_hosts & ping_gateway logs)

# tailf ping_hosts.INFO

In our case we noticed there was unreachable on one of the CVM’s

x.x.x.1 : 0.187 ms

x.x.x.2 : Unreachable

x.x.x.3 : 0.028 ms

So we consulted the Network Team and found out that the Switch port where one of the node is connected , conatined lots of errors and we had to replace the cable.


That’s it the problem got resolved.


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Virtualized Domain Controller Nightmare on Nutanix Hyper-V Cluster

Hi Guys

We recently deployed a Hyper-V  Nutanix Cluster , and everything looked fine until we hit the wall. For some reasons if the VM(Domain Controllers)  go down you will not be able to power it on . The reason behind this that the Hyper-V Cluster on Nutanix uses SMB3 based share as the shared storage . Unless  the Hypervisor is able to authenticate the access to the SMB3 share is blocked. In our case it was not possible because the 2 DC VM’s were powered off and unable to power it on.(Chicken and Egg situation)

Error Message I received:

error1 error2 error3

The below Nutanix article explains the below:


So the conclusion is that you must need either a physical domain controller or a DC VM that does not sit on the SMB3 share. Hopefully the Windows 2016  may come up with a solution for this scenario.

Update1: As a last resort , I changed the Virtual disk path from on the DC VM from the FQDN  of the cluster name to the IP address of the cluster , voila I was able power it on the 2 VM’s(but I do not have any clue how this has worked)

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Nutanix Best Practices for VMware

Hi  Folks

Recently we got an opportunity to work with Nutanix Converged Solution . When we deployed there was some customization that we need to make on HA / DRS Cluster settings to realign the configuration according to Nutanix – VMware Best Practices
(These information were provided by the support team)

Note1: In Nutanix Cluster is created with single Datastore the Vsphere HA will popup error related to HA Heartbeat stating insufficient datastore for heartbeat , that could be suppress as below

Note2: In HA Cluster the VM restart priority and Host Isolation Response need to be changed for CVM’s as below:

Note3:  The VM Monitoring for CVM’s need to be disabled

Note4: In DRS Cluster the Automation level for CVM’s need to be disabled as well

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